Phiten - Hill's Shiatsu Kopfkissen

This Shiatsu Pillow was developed together with therapists. The Aqua gold-silica balls einliegen in pillows, stimulate acupuncture points 9 on the neck and thus promote the ability to relax during sleep. Stress-related problems falling asleep can be reduced. The pressure on the acupressure points mentioned supports the deep sleep. The shape of the cushion and the material chosen, a highly sensitive urethane foam that's Aqua Silica technology was impregnated with Phiten, ensure optimum neck support. - Aqua Gold-Silica - Gold-Silicon balls inside - outside 97% polyester, 3% cotton - MDI urethane foam,

296.00 CHF 296.0 CHF

296.00 CHF

SKU: YO536000

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