Aquatitan Bandage Knie Soft Type 3L (42-54cm) schwarz

This knee bandage inspired by your special processing. With their superior comfort, it supports your knee in everyday life and sports. This special textile fiber was treated with long-wave infrared radiation. So that the knee remain always warm. The fabric is permeable to moisture, quick drying and breathable. A special weave prevents shifting of the bandage, giving knee and kneecap stability. -Aquatitan -Mikro titanium beads -Thermoaktives tissue -74.7% -20.6% polyester cotton -4.6% Polyurethane -High muscle strain in everyday life and sports regeneration is supported -Easy -Harmonisiert supporting role, revitalized Size: SM: L-LL: 3L knee circumference (cm): 30-43: 36-48: 42-54

54.00 CHF 54.0 CHF

54.00 CHF

SKU: XAP00207

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