Aquasilber Einlagesohlen (22-25cm) Schwarz

are becoming increasingly popular, the Raku insoles. These insoles include Aqua titanium, as well as Aqua Silver (silver nanoparticles). In addition, micro-titanium spheres are still printed on the soles. The Aqua titanium, along with the micro-titanium beads, enlivened the feet. The blood circulation in the feet is stimulated. Therefore, the insoles are just for people who often have cold feet. The Aqua silver (silver nanoparticles) energizes the feet and additionally has an odor-neutralizing effect. The insoles are available in two sizes. Depending on requirements, they can still be cut to the desired size. - Aqua titanium, Aqua Silver - micro titanium spheres - to revitalize the feet and legs - For cold feet - with odor-neutralizing effect foot length in cm: 22-25: 24-28

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39.90 CHF

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