METAX Halskette Rund, Silber/Schwarz 40 cm

For the first time METAX technology has been incorporated in a necklace. This technology is based on the original Phiten technology and a combination of colloidal metals which have been combined with a special magnesium compound to act more efficiently on the regulation of the body's electrical fields. A completely natural and valuable assistance to the human body. The METAX necklace is a luxurious gem. The closure can be opened on both sides. This necklace is available in the execution Black / Silver and Black / Gold in lengths of 40cm and 50cm. Care: It is recommended to take the METAX necklace for showering. It can be cleaned by hand if required with little mild detergent. The METAX effect will not become lost. h4. * Processing textile sector: high-quality polyester nylon compound * Core: Silicone Elastomer * Shutter: 100% * Titanium internal parts: aluminum, polyacetal h4. Possible applications * a valuable aid for the bioelectricity of man * In general tiredness * Relaxing at computer work * In sports and everyday life

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239.00 CHF

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