The sports necklace is made of a silicone elastomer. The micro-titanium beads, and the carbonized titanium are inserted into the elastomer. Relaxing for the neck and shoulder area in sports and everyday life. Can be for relaxation worn during sleep. The sports necklace is recommended for sports activities. It helps with tension in the neck and shoulder area. It is very suitable when working at the computer. By relaxing the muscles and the overall balancing of the body it can lead to a better night's sleep. It is suitable to wear during exercise, improve athletic ability. After the sport they can support the regeneration phase of the muscles. The sports necklace can also be folded for swimming. It must not be stored for showering and can be easily cleaned by hand without losing the effect. - Carbonized titanium - titanium micro-beads -Silicone elastomer - tension in the neck and shoulder area - In general tiredness - Relaxing at computer work - Improves athletic ability - in sports and everyday life

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39.90 CHF

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