Elastische Sport Halskette M-Stile Grün 45 cm

The elastic sports necklace M Styles is an innovation of Phiten, designed for athletes and health-conscious people. This necklace can be worn, for example, while working in the sport, as well as in everyday life. The sports necklace M-styles is made of an elastic silicone elastomer and in addition to the Aqua Titanium technology first four magnets. So the necklace in Japan could be registered as a medical device. The sports necklace M Styles is resilient thanks to the material and can be pulled easily over the head. This necklace can be wrapped not just around their necks, but also around the wrist or the ankle. The sports necklace M Styles recommended for tension in the neck and shoulder area. Due to the light material it is very popular with sportsmen and women, especially in runners who want to appreciate the muscle relaxing necklace just at high loads and wear the chain in heavy sweating or in the water. Care: The sports necklace M Styles can also be cleaned while showering under running water. - Elastic silicone elastomer - Aqua Titan / Aqua Silica - 4 magnets à 130millitesla - Under running water rinse - tension in the neck and shoulder area - Persons who have electronic implants or medical equipment such as pacemakers, etc. - In general tiredness - Relaxing with muscle strains during exercise that could be impaired by electromagnetic interference and magnetic influences,

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