Air-Halskette Beans (43cm) Orange

The Air Necklace is a new innovation from Phiten, designed for marathon runners. This necklace can also be worn by all other athletes, as well as in everyday life, such as during the work. The air necklace made of a lightweight silicone-titanium foam. So that the necklace could be made without closure. The Air Necklace is resilient thanks to the material and can be pulled easily over the head. This necklace can be wrapped not just around their necks, but also around the wrist or the ankle. The Air Necklace recommended for tension in the neck and shoulder area. Due to the light material it is very popular with athletes, especially marathon runners who appreciate the muscle relaxing necklace especially at high loads. Care: The Air Necklace can be cleaned by hand at 30 degrees, with a little mild detergent. It is advisable to take the necklace for showering. - Silicon-titanium foam - Aqua titanium - titanium micro-beads - washable by hand at 30 degrees with little mild detergent - tension in the neck and shoulder area - In general tiredness - Relaxing in muscle exertion during exercise

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39.90 CHF

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