Aquatitan Silk-Warmer (35cm-Lang-1Stk.) Beige

The Silk-Warmer (wrist warmers) increase the well-being of the poor and feet. Ideal for dance, aerobics or at home. The silk blend contains Aqua Titan. For many people, keeping warm the feet and wrists is important because they need to be very agile and resilient, depending on the movement. To warm these places specifically and energize, Phiten has developed the Silk Warmer (wrist warmers). - Aqua Titanium - silk, cotton - polyester, acrylic - Hand wash at 30 degrees - Cold hands, cold wrists - Cold feet, cold ankles, cold calves - Warms and relaxes - Harmonized revitalized - In dance, aerobics and for home Size: Short long length in cm: 18: 35

39.00 CHF 39.0 CHF

39.00 CHF


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