AQUA GOLD Bauch / Kreuzwärmer M-L 30cmx30cm, grau

The AQUA GOLD abdominal / cross warmer is made with the new material "SOLOTEX", which has properties similar to the down feathers. The fibers are impregnated with AQUA GOLD. The padded body may be carried forward or back. This warmer is holding her belly and cross warm and helps the whole waist area to a comforting feeling of warmth and relaxation. h4. * Processing AQUA GOLD * Upholstered: 100% Polyester * side part: 48% acrylic, 32% Cupra, 15% Nylon, 5% Polyurethane * Lining: 100% polyester h4. Possible applications * Keeps belly and cross warm * h4 relaxes the muscles throughout the waist area. ML sizes: 30 cm x 30 cm L-LL: 30 cm x 34 cm

69.90 CHF 69.9 CHF

69.90 CHF

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