Nackenwärmer BOA Antrazit

The RAKUMAKI Nackenwärmer BOA is made with two different materials. The BOA fluffy material is inside, the outer layer is knitted. In length well anpasspar, so you can pull the neck warmers up over his mouth in the length. The Nackenwärmer loosens the muscles in the neck and shoulder area. In addition, he holds the throat and neck warm and protect from drafts. The ideal companion in the colder months. Outside: - Acril about 47% nylon 33% wool 14% Polyester 7% inside: - (BOA) 100% Polyester - prepared with Aqua titanium Techn of Phiten.. - Product with similar colors at 40 degrees washing. Not long soak. - use washing net. - Do not use detergent with fluorescent additive. - Dry the product quickly, because moisture can lead to discoloration. - product is not suitable for the dryer. - do not pull excessively product or stretch, as the material can lose its elasticity. - tension in the neck and shoulder area - Keeps the throat and neck warm - Protects against drafts

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39.90 CHF

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