Aquatitan Stulpen Kurz (2Stk.) Grau

The fluffy AQUA TITAN warmers warming exactly pleasant in the cold season wrists and ankles. These warmers are also ideal for dance, aerobics or simply for the home. The entire fabric in finely divided AQUA TITAN has an energizing effect on joints and muscles. Movements are looser, muscular tension and energy blockages can be solved. - Aqua Titanium - 92% polyester - 7% Cotton - 1% Polyurethane - Hand wash at 30 degrees - Cold hands, cold wrists - Cold feet, cold ankles, cold calves - Warms and relaxes - Harmonized revitalized - In dance, aerobics and to home Size: short: long length in cm: 20: 30

39.50 CHF 39.5 CHF

39.50 CHF

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