Metax Tapes, Oval 300 Stk.

With the Metax Premium Tape Phiten is a new quality improvement success. The oval Foprm allows besides the übelichen applications such as a taping of the fingers and toes. It is also possible to attach multiple tapes simultaneously on a larger body area. The athletic ability can be improved. The skin blood flow in the treated areas can be improved locally, muscle tensions are released. The bioelectrical impulses are normalized and balanced. The tapes can be left 2-3 days at the appropriate place. Then remove the tape or replace with new ones. The tapes can be combined with the Metax cream or lotion. First, the tapes attach, then gently rub away the Metax cream / lotion over the tapes to the desired part of the body.

129.90 CHF 129.9 CHF

129.90 CHF

SKU: PT733000

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