Aquatitan Sport-Leggins LL (94-104cm) Schwarz

The new sports leggings impregnated with Aqua Titan, a water soluble form of the titanium. They are close fitting and adapt pleasant to the body shape. The material is breathable and moisture-permeable. The body temperature can be maintained optimally even during intensive sporting activity. The Aqua titanium is evenly throughout the fabric. It can be supported simultaneously, the lower parts of the back, hips and legs. The sports leggings can be worn like under the sportswear in everyday life among the usual clothes. They support the release of tension in the lower back into the leg muscles. worn during exercise, they help to facilitate the movement and to minimize feelings of fatigue in these areas. In everyday life, the leggings are often worn by people who need to be long and hard at work. - Aqua titanium - 83% polyester - 17% Polyurethane -Atmungsaktiv and permeable to moisture - Normal washing at 40 degrees. - tension in the lower back - tension and fatigue in the leg muscles - improving muscle work during the Sport - movements are fluent and smooth Size: S: M: L: LL: 3L waist circumference in cm: 68-76: 76-84: 84- 94: 94-104: 104-114

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129.00 CHF

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