Aquatitan Mittelfuss Unterstützung M (22-24.5cm)

The longitudinal and transverse arches of the metatarsus is easily supported with this Supporter thanks to the incorporated pad. Here, the foot arch is stimulated energetically thanks to Aqua titanium and supported. A strong foot vault is important to cushion the body weight. Feelings of tension in the ankle and the surrounding muscles can be solved. The movements of the ankle are fluent and smooth. - Aqua titanium, Aquapaladium - micro titanium spheres - High joint loading in sports and everyday life - Improves local blood circulation - feelings of tension in the joints are solved - Supports regeneration - Highly supportive function Mass: M: L foot length in cm: 22-24.5: 25- 27.5

49.00 CHF 49.0 CHF

49.00 CHF

SKU: AP202003

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