DayFit Supporter-Bandage (100cm) Schwarz

These Supporter Brace is available in three lengths. It can be easily and quickly attached to the arms and legs. The tension of the bandage can be customized. The fine, light material contains Aqua titanium and palladium Aqua. It can be used in everyday life and sports to improve the flow of energy and thus to release energy blockages in joint and muscle area. Easily supporting role. The body's ability to regenerate is actively supported. - Aqua titanium, Aqua palladium - Cotton 50% - Nylon 35% - Polyurethane 15% - energy blocks at the joints - Muscular tension in arms, legs - support the body's own regeneration - in sports and everyday life for: hand / ankle: Arms: Legs length bandage (cm): 35: 50: 100

59.90 CHF 59.9 CHF

59.90 CHF

SKU: AP169063

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