DayFit Handgelenk Bandage EasyFit (23cm x 8cm) Schwarz

This Wrist Support is suitable for mild discomfort in the wrist and arm. The tension can be adjusted individually. The bandage can be worn during sports and everyday life. The fine, lightweight material is comfortable to wear and contains Aqua titanium and palladium Aqua, which increases the wearing comfort. Energy blocks are released and the energy flow is improved. are again easier joint movement and regeneration is supported. - Aqua titanium, palladium Aqua - Nylon 93% - 7% polyurethanes - discomfort in the wrists - Dissolves energy blockages - Releases tension - joint movements become smoother - regeneration is actively supported - Harmonic, vitalizes

29.90 CHF 29.9 CHF

29.90 CHF

SKU: AP168001

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