DayFit Fussgelenk Bandage Verstellbar L (25-29cm) Schwarz

This ankle and head ankle brace is mounted fast on the ankle. The drawstring allows an accurate and individual dosing of the tractive force. The bandage can be worn without drawstring and it fits equally to the left and right foot. The bandage can be worn during sports and everyday life and is designed for discomfort in the ankle and ankle area. The fine and comfortable material containing titanium and Aqua Aqua palladium, which increases the wearing comfort. Energy blocks are released and the energy flow is noticeably improved. Apart from a slight support function regeneration is actively supported. - Aqua titanium - Aqua palladium - Face: 93% Nylon, polyurethanes 7% - inside: Nylon 80%,

59.00 CHF 59.0 CHF

59.00 CHF

SKU: AP166005

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