Aquatitan Sport Socken lang weiss 22-24 cm, Doppelpack

In our range we also have long sports socks. The material of the socks impregnated with Aqua Titanium. Aqua titanium containing metal titanium oxide is finely dispersed in water. In this form it is possible to impregnate various materials with aqua titanium. The half-length sports socks are very suitable for people who often have cold feet, especially in the fall and winter months. To improve the blood circulation they can be worn in everyday life, as well as during exercise instead of conventional socks. - Aqua Titanium - cotton blend - machine washable at 40 degrees - people a lot and must be long - Cold feet - improving blood circulation in the feet - in sports and everyday life Shoe size: 36-38 foot length in cm: 22-24

39.90 CHF 39.9 CHF

39.90 CHF

SKU: AL907570

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